Sanjana Ragu

Sanjana Ragu

The Many Virtues of Washing Hands

Our childhood has been replete with stories of how our grandmother used to make Kajal (a black powder used as a cosmetic eyeliner) and Castor oil at home. Castor Oil was made using only the best seeds, first boiling & then extracting the oil under the strict supervision of my great grandmother. Pretty much everything in our kitchen doubled up as a beauty product. Products made out of the chemicals were never trusted especially when it came to beauty, skincare, and haircare.

As we started to travel due to professional commitments we realized much to our surprise (and horror) that there were very few options in the natural skincare range. And even those were so expensive that it deterred most people from using them. So it was only natural that we decided to create our own range of personal hygiene products that we had every faith and confidence in their integrity and composition; because every product has been tested and used by our family for generations. 

And thus was born Get essentials. Grandmothers recipes packaged. 

Wellness is the natural state of our body and personal hygiene is the first step towards wellness. We believe our products are most powerful when it empowers everyone and helps them remain healthy and hygienic.

Ingredients that are commonly found in our backyard such as Neem, Tulsi with innumerable curative properties form the basis of our first product. Accessible in terms of price point was another factor that we were conscious about. We wanted everyone to enjoy the everyday moments of hygiene; washing your hands, taking a shower or a refreshing face wash

Because the true value of a hygiene essential product isn’t measured by how great it is, but by how much it empowers you.

Much research and countless hours of meetings with cosmetic chemists have been poured into the development of each product. We didn’t rest until we personally could vouch that our products were non-drying, didn’t eat skin moisture keeping your hands safe. Equal care has been taken into account while designing the bottle – they are transparent, travel friendly, and more importantly doesn’t clutter your counter space.

We invite you to buy the Get essentials Neem and Tulsi Handwash and share your experience with us. 

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