You have the power to influence and save lives.
Raise a hand for hygiene!

A call for society to join forces and lead the community in advocating the importance of handwashing as an effective and affordable way in preventing diseases and saving lives.

Advocate clean hands. Be a #HygieneChampion

1 %
Of diarrheal diseases preventable through hand washing
1 %
Of respiratory infections preventable through handwashing
1 %
Reduction in healthcare associated infections with correct hand hygiene

Welcome the festival of lights with #SparklingHands

As we continue to social distance and yet celebrate one of the biggest festivals of the year, it is crucial to maintain hygiene throughout the festivities and simply cannot be neglected.

This Diwali, participate in the #Hand2HygieneChallenge. Be part of the movement.

I pledge to frequently wash my hands and keep hygiene during this festive season.

I pledge to influence and advocate safe & clean hands.

I pledge to educate others about the importance of hand hygiene

It's in your hands now

The smallest change in habit, the smallest gesture or action, accumulated over time can make a huge difference. 

The COVID-19 pandemic has proved that one of the most effective ways to stop the spread of a virus is also one of the simplest – hand washing with soap. This requires behavioural changes both at an individual and societal level. 

Support the #handhygiene movement by partnering with Get Essentials to make handwash accessible at grass root levels. 

Challenge your friends

To take the pledge and be a hygiene champion. 

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How can I help?

 Make your pledge to raise a hand for hygiene. 

Spread the word on Social Media. (Remember to tag us)

Encourage your friends and family to participate in the #Hand2HygieneChallenege.

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Handwashing must be a priority now and tomorrow 

It's in your hands now!

I pledge to understand and advocate good hygiene practices.


A small token of appreciation for being a #HygieneChampion

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We trust you will put the coupon to good use! We encourage you to buy two bottles. Advocate and encourage clean hands by sharing your second bottle with someone who needs it. Pass it on!

Join the movement. Share your stories on your social media. Remember to use the hashtag #Hand2HygieneChallenege.