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In uncertain times like these, we need to work together – even when we’re apart. it’s imperative for each one of us to advocate practicing good hygiene, encourage people to frequently wash their hands with soap and water. Take the pledge to was your hands  and spears the vision of Hand Hygiene for All – It’s in Your Hands.

I choose Hygiene
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Essential Plant Based Handwash

Inspired by Nature, infused with the science and based on the ancient medicinal secrets Neem, Olive & Tulsi 

Curative Powers of Neem and Tulsi

I discovered many of the curative powers of Neem when I experienced my first “hand burn” in the kitchen as a teenager. My mother plucked a bunch of Neem leaves

The Many Virtues of Washing Hands

Living in a world of restless addiction to social media constantly striving for more success and recognition, it’s easy to forget the connection between hand hygiene and health.

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